White-Paper on IA and LOD


New white-paper on “Information Architecture for Linked Open Data”:


This is a great read. Thanks for sharing. I think this would be a great topic for a Lunchtime Lecture @maree


happy to :slight_smile:


@Stephen you are absolutely right! @ri1 this is a great lunchtime lecture topic - @Megan will be in touch with you to explore some dates that might work for you :slight_smile:


Hi @ri1. We’d love to set up a lunchtime lecture based on your white paper. Should we discuss some dates via email? You can contact me at megan@odiqueensland.org.au. :ok_hand:


This is so fantastic. Will the lunchtime lecture take place in Brisbane, and is it possible to dial in from elsewhere? (I’m based in Canberra.)


Lunchtime lectures are usually streamed via our Facebook page. :movie_camera: