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Below are a listing of resources available to help you learn Tableau
Free Tableau Training Videos - These are short sharp videos that show how to do specific tasks
Key Data Consulting Resource List
How to get good at Tableau in 8 easy steps
Various Blogs worth reading:



I also found these Tableau Public training videos complete with sample data so you can follow along.

I found the video on the Web Data Connector pretty exciting. I’m imaging a CKAN web data connector (I’m surprised one doesn’t already exist given how much open data is held in CKAN). Perhaps a CKAN connector could help perform an analysis of open data portals.


Agree Steve,

Keen to have a chat about that when we get a chance.
Are you coming to TUG on Wed night or the class on Thursday?


Dave Keys

Mob: +61 (0)417 432990


I’m planning to attend both the Brisbane Tableau User Group and the ODI Queensland Tableau Public training course. :+1: :+1:

Let’s see if we can crack open CKAN and visualise some open data :smiley:


Yeah agree but will probably not do it as part of the class, would be a bit
much for non techies in an intro class, javascript, coding etc will shut
them off.
Better idea is to develop it and make it available for them to use rather
than make it in the class.

lets chat about the best way to attack Wed night!


Dave Keys

Mob: +61 (0)417 432990


@Stephen There is an odata extension for ckan.
I’ve not tested it and there are no recent updates, so it may need some tlc. ->