Slides from ODD in Canberra Thursday 9 February


Hi everyone who attended yesterday’s ODD session!

You can find the slides from yesterday’s session here. If you have any questions, pose them here.


Thanks so much for running such an entertaining session!


Hi Ellen,
By all accounts, a wonderful session. Do you know if it was recorded? Would love to have the chance to see it and hear the discussions around it.


Thanks so much for the link to the slides, and for facilitating such a wonderful session!

Is the link to the slides the most up-to-date? I am having difficulty accessing them, but it may be because I am on my work computer. I will give it another go when I am at home tonight!


Hi David,

I’m afraid it wasn’t recorded - but there will be further training in Brisbane at some point this year, in case you were interested in attending in person!




I think it might be your work computer - another participant had the same problem. I’ve just tried uploading them to this forum but there’s a restriction on file size. I’ll email them to you directly.




Very much so, thanks =)


Hi David,
Registrations are open for our Brisbane course, Open Data in a Day, with Ellen, on 22 June at The Precinct. Ellen is also delivering the sequel the following day: Practical Data Management. I hope you can make it!