Regressions from Comma Chameleon


Hi guys, I’ve been testing Comma Chameleon and after finding a nasty bug and seeing that the project was abandoned I thought I’d give data curator a shot. I built a linux build from fresh sources a week ago. Instead of entering bugs into git, I thought I’d post the issues here first in case these symptoms are my fault.

  1. data curator removes BOMs. A BOM is a three byte code that can optionally begin a utf-8 file. Most tools don’t care but MS Excel and other MS tools are notoriously bad at reading utf-8 files that are not prefixed with a BOM. Comma Chameleon’s behavior is to preserve BOMs. That is, if the CSV file that was read contained a BOM, it would write a BOM. If the CSV file that was read did not contain a BOM then the written file would not contain a BOM. Datacurator seems to always remove BOMs from utf-8 files and never adds them. Is this intentional?

  2. Comma Chameleon could take a CSV file as a command line argument. This made it a really nice tool for quick edits. Datacurator does not seem to do anything with command line arguments. I need to run the program > file open > comma separated, in order to open a CSV file. Is this intentional? Could this be related to my linux build or the way I run the program?

If the above two issues are not user errors on my part, I can enter them as git issues.



Hi Robert,
I think GitHub is a better place for your questions as I don’t think the developers are on this forum