Open Data Standards


Can you please consider adding the Australian Common Alerting Protocol (CAP-AU) as an open data standard?


Sure but the link to the standard on the page you supplied is broken. Do you know were the standard is published?


The standard is published on the dataset listing, just go to the Resource; e.g.

The Emergency Management section of the Attorney-General’s department no longer hosts the XML schema


This is an XML Schema…not a dataset !


The US based Open Referral initiative has just published version 1.1 of the Human Services Data API Specification. This is part of a continuing initiative in the US to electronically share open data about human services service providers and service outlets.

In the US they have a range of x11 services; e.g. 911 is the emergency services number to request fire, police, ambulance services, 311 is where you contact your local council to request local government services such as a new rubbish bin, have a pot hole filled, complain about stray dogs, 211 is what you call for local community human services (e.g. homeless shelters, public housing, aged care support, etc).

Having a standard API and data sharing format for 211 services assists the timely coordination of numerous providers of services with those who are the entry points which refer people in need to them.


An open source data validation tool has also been developed to support the initiative.