ODI Connect - 15 December 2016


Will we see you at ODI Connect on 15 December?


Hugest apology in advance @Stephen I know you are on holidays this week and can’t make it. It just won’t be the same without you!


I won’t be there :cry: but I will give everyone on this forum a present to celebrate the end of a great year. :santa: :tada: :fireworks:

What were the open data highlights for 2016? I’d love to hear everyone’s top 3.


  1. Working with a great bunch of people on open data projects - you know who you are - thanks :smile:
  2. Going to London to visit ODI HQ
  3. Datopolis arriving in the mail

What were your top 3 open data highlights for 2016?

Celebrate 2016 and update your profile photo

Wow @Stephen good memories!! My top 3, gosh it is hard to narrow it down…

  • securing the open data partnership with Qld Government - a great investment by the state in something that will influence and accelerate important outcomes for the future

  • hosting a great lunchtime lecture series - we just keep getting bigger and better with wonderful learning opportunities and growing the open data community

  • watching the open data community in action during the 'Open Data. Open Conversations" project.