Making Smart Cities work for everyone


Making Smart Cities work for everyone, with Ellen Broad


Looking forward to coming along to the event. I’d be interested to hear from @sunday9pm, @dmewett or @derek.meggitt what’s happening in Brisbane with Smart Cities.


I’ve registered and fully intend to be there @Stephen.


I have registered and will be attending. Thanks.


Hi @shahashishg - great to see you on the forum. Are you working on anything to do with smart cities or do have any question about smart cities?

Personally I’d like to know what are they and why do we need them. Seems to me we’ve got some basics to address first.

Let us know your thoughts and please introduce yourself to the forum. :smile:


Hi @Stephen, I’m planning on being at the event. With regards to your question, QUT Urban Informatics has been working on smart city related research for more than 10 years now, even before the term became popular, so we have a lot to share and offer. For easy digestion, here’s some short articles published in The Conversation and a list of academic publications on the topic. Happy to meet up and discuss, too. cheers, marcus


Thanks @Stephen. Logan City Council is to announce strategic vision and projects in smart cities space (some Springwood Summit related media stories already out) and we are looking forward to it.

Some basic stuff - such as smart pole, smart lighting, wi-fi, sigfox roll out, smart bins etc etc have been looked at this stage…


@Stephen - I have now registered, would be happy to share thoughts on Smart Cities here in Qld and elsewhere, as a result of LGIS work


This is going to be our most popular lunchtime lecture for the year and is one not to be missed. However if you get stuck in the office, you can try the live stream via our Facebook page: ODI Queensland. No guarantees :slight_smile: I’ve never used it before, but it is an option if you get stuck.