LIDAR as open data


My first question to ODI, about the second day after it was formed, was to look into the possibility of including LIDAR as Open Data. It is a valuable resource that has many, many uses. The QLD government has captured the data, paid for by the taxpayer, and is trying to generate income in selling it back to the public. There is no bulk discount - the quote I received for the Gympie Shire was $89,000.
LIDAR can be freely downloaded for the UK, USA, Finland, Spain and as of December last year for NSW. QLD is well behind the 8 ball, not the leader when it comes to LIDAR.


There is some Queensland Government LIDAR data published as open data:

If that’s not what you’re looking for, you could put in a request to the State Government.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that the Gympie Shire Council has an open data policy.

LIDAR can be challenging to publish as open data due to its size. Often products derived from LIDAR are published as open data and supplied for free.

Some LIDAR data cannot be published as open data as explained in the Department of Natural Resources and Mines Open Data Strategy.