Known Issue: Some data downloaded from CKAN doesn't display correctly


Some CKAN instances have different settings. This can impact the format of download data and how it is displayed in Data Curator.

For example, some international characters instead of appearing like Günther appear like:

Some common characters like - and ' also formatted incorrectly by CKAN.

Data available from is known to have this issue.

Work around

  1. Download the data from CKAN
  2. Open it with Excel (which handles the CKAN data format)
  3. Save the data as a .csv file
  4. Check that Excel didn’t change the data (sometimes it tries to be helpful but introduces data errors by changing formats)
  5. Open the .csv file in Data Curator
  6. Package the data as normal

Data Curator Issue

The technical aspects of this known problem are discussed in Data Curator issue #318 on GitHub.

Planned Resolution Date

No changes to Data Curator are planned to address this issue.

As the issue is detected on various CKAN portals it will be reported.

The issue has been reported to: