Known Issue: Not all Date, Time and DateTime formats are supported


You can define date, time and datetime formats other than the default format. E.g. you can specify the dd/mm/yyyy date pattern using:

In theory you can use any pattern of these codes to represent various date time formats.

In practice only a number of patterns are detected by the Guess Column Properties and support by the Set Column Properties and Validation features:

Pattern Type Example
%d/%m/%y date 25/12/99
%d/%m/%Y date 25/12/1999
%H:%M time 23:59

Work around


Data Curator Issue

The technical aspects of this known problem are discussed in Data Curator issue #483 on GitHub.

Planned Resolution Date


Data Curator uses the Frictionless Data tableschema-js software library to guess column properties and perform data validation. If this library is improved, then this issue may be resolved.