Known Issue: Can't open invalid CSV file


Data Curator cannot open an invalid CSV file.

Excel and other applications are more forgiving when opening messy data. Tools like Open Refine were created especially to work with messy data.

Messy data may include:

  • merged cells
  • inconsistent number of columns
  • graphs or pictures included in a spreadsheet
  • invalid delimiters, lineTerminator, or other CSV dialect errors.

Work around

  1. Open the data using an application that can work with messy data
  2. Correct the data
  3. Save the data as a .csv file
  4. Open the .csv file in Data Curator
  5. Package the data as normal

Data Curator Issue

The technical aspects of this known problem are discussed in Data Curator issue #651 on GitHub.

Planned Resolution Date

Likely to be resolved by 30 June 2018 (subject to prioritisation)