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Making Smart Cities work for everyone
Welcome to the forum

Hi, I’m Stephen Gates (@Stephen in this forum)

I volunteer with ODI Queensland. I’m passionate about driving improvement in the quality of open data. I believe this is the only way to ensure open data becomes useful and used.

I established Australia’s Open Data Census and have contributed to the Open Definition, Open Data Handbook, and GovHack Brisbane.

Working with the Open Data Institute I have contributed to the development of the Open Data Pathway, an online tool to help assess the maturity of an organisation’s open data practice. I’m working with a small team to localise Open Data Certificates for Australia.

I’m one of the administrators on this forum, so if you need help, give me a shout. :loudspeaker:

Oh! …and I own a copy of the very rare open data board game Datopolis.


Hi, I’m Jason Steel. I coordinate TMR’s Open Data program. I’m a big fan of Open Data and I want to see (and help) it grow and evolve. There are a lot of things we can do to improve the quality and usability of our data as well as strengthen our publication processes.

My goals for the coming year are to help TMR publish more data, improve the quality and consistency of the data we already publish and increase awareness and understanding of Open Data internally.

I do own a lot of board games but Datopolis is not currently in my collection.


Hi All. I’m Gavin Kennedy. I run the government and industry engagement part of QCIF and also run a small team of pretty brilliant software engineers developing the ReDBox Research Metadata platform . QCIF provides big data innovation infrastructure to Queensland’s universities, government(s) and industry. We are proud partners of the ODI in Queensland and support better access to government and industry data for our researchers.

My cupboard of board games is overflowing, but I will look out for Datopolis in the shops this xmas.


Hi, I’m Ellen Broad.

I just moved back to Australia after working in London as ODI HQ’s Head of Policy. I led the ODI’s contributions to topical policy debates - around personal data, data sharing and data infrastructure - and also did consultancy work for the ODI spanning things like managing organisational change to support data, data portal infrastructure and set up, data ethics and so on. I also created Datopolis with Jeni, and so like this Gavin Kennedy character already :).

I’m doing some freelance work in Australia at the moment, including with ODI Queensland! It’s great to be back.


Good day everyone, Ashish Shah (working for Logan City Council) as road asset manager. However my love and passion for OpenData have been both personal and professional.

I hosted inaugural @GovHackLogan in 2016 successfully and looking forward to more, diverse and useful OpenData for community use and skilled development for tech and innovation savvys .


Hi. I’m Dave Mewett (@dmewett)
I am a national speaker, industry analyst & leader in IoT, Smart Cities and Smart Infrastructure & Services.

I have just lead a team at LGIS to produce & deliver a major Smart Infrastructure / Smart Cities report to the SE Queensland Council of Mayors. The report was developed in conjunction with Data 61 & IPWEA and involved nearly 12 months of research, engagements with business partners & Universities. and analysis of multiple case studies.

“we preach the mantra of smart cities = smart precincts = smart communities and we call the game as IT/OT (the real IoT) and we highlight the absolute importance of data as infrastructure”

“something to consider”


Hi, I’m Dave Keys.

Some of you may have met me teaching Tableau Public data vizualisation software at ODIQ as recently as last week.

I’m fanatical about the power of data when combined with the right technology, and applied strategically to an organisation’s needs.

I am the proud founder of Key Data Consulting. KDC helps businesses and government agencies to get the most out of their data systems; from getting data in the right shape for Tableau (or other analysis tools), to advising on the best software and hardware solutions. Our training, support and data management services are offered individually, or as a fully customised, ongoing service (DataDNA).

KDC is the only Tableau Accredited Trainer for Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server in Queensland, so if you’ve any questions about combining open data and Tableau, get in touch.

@Stephen when is the Openopolis games night :smiley:


Hello. I’m Earl Butterworth.

I currently lead Data Governance at the Queensland Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.

I assist the data custodians and their IT support teams in continuous improvement of the public data they publish.

I am currently working with an open data community of practice composed of multiple state and local government representatives, as well as consumers and end users of accessibility open who are data proposing enhancements to accessibility data for public venues, facilities and transport.


Hi everyone. I’m a Data Analyst for the Queensland Government where I deploy geodata for emergency services. For me, Open Data is important for incident and heat mapping, data analytics, new and existing applications and reporting. My journey has been to represent my organisation at forums and to further explore and discover new ways of visualing data. I look forward to participating in more ODI Qld events.


Great to see you here Adam. Is the data you deploy open or just shared within Government?


Hi everyone,

I work in the commercial team at the Open Data Institute. I’ve been at the ODI for nearly three years (!) and have previously worked on our advisory and research projects.

The main challenge I face is matching people from government and the private sector with the wide range of skills, capabilities and interests of the ODI team. Our team includes both those that sit next to me in the office and those from our international network of associates and nodes.

I am particularly interested in understanding how we as a network can find, discuss and collaboratively deliver our projects. I’m also here to indulge my own interests in data policy, data sharing and data infrastructure (and most other terms with the word ‘data’ in them…).

Looking forward to speaking with you all!


G’day Jack, great to see you on the forum. Very excited to have an ODI HQ and international perspective here to discuss all things data and collaborating on projects. Projects I’m working on with ODI HQ are:

Welcome :tada: :koala:


Hi everyone. I’m Megan Duane, Executive Officer at the ODI Queensland.

I’m responsible for coordinating and managing open data projects and providing administrative support for the board and the CEO: generally getting stuff done:white_check_mark:

In a former life I was a lawyer in the planning and environmental law field, with most of my career having been spent in State government. It’s refreshing to lift my sights away from planning legislation - although there are many crossovers, especially in the smart cities space.

If you have any questions about upcoming ODI training courses around Australia, or questions about for ODI Queensland in general - give me a shout!



Hi everyone, I’m Mark Braggins, based in the UK.

I have been helping out at @ODICardiff in Wales, and recently picked up the lead for @ODIHampshire. Amongst other things I run @OpenDataAha - which is gathering and signposting to stories involving open data - and founded Open Data Camp (UK) - a regular unconference for the open data movement.

In a former life, I led the Hampshire Hub open data programme for the county of Hampshire. I’ve also done stints in retail, IT and financial services, so have a pretty broad outlook.

I look forward to connecting and chatting with you.


I’m Amanda Breeze. I work with @TacoSandwich and @Stephen at TMR. Since being part of this team I have learned a lot about Open Data, including its value to the community. It’s amazing what people can do with it and I think the movement will only get stronger as organisations realise the potential of the data they are sitting on. I personally have worked with data virually my whole career and figuring out easier ways to share this data has always been a recurring issue. With Open Data I can see a light at the end of that tunnel and while we still have a long way to go, we have progressed a lot further than what I had known 3 months ago.
Thanks for inviting me to this forum @stephen. I look forward to learning a lot more and hopefully helping to make Open Data better.


Welcome @AmandaBreeze, super excited to having you contributing both here and in releasing open transport data. I look forward to reading your next post. :rocket:


Hello everyone,

I am Abhirav Bansal aka AB and working with @Stephen, @AmandaBreeze, @TacoSandwich and @david.z.ainscough as Information Analyst in the Open Data team with State government.

I am passionate about driving a value plus risk based approach of the open data which is my biggest challenge and aim so far. Prior to this, I have worked in the information security area which expalins my aim.

Before moving to Australia, I ran my own business with Nokia India Private Limited for 6.5 years and entrepreneur within me explains my challenge. I look forward to connecting with you.


Hi AB, great to see you here. :wave: I look forward to more conversations about Tabular Data Packages and Table Schemas from the Frictionless Data project.


Hi Ellen
I’m Tracey Finlay and I attended a workshop/OD forum on 15 June which covered identifying and leveraging data for business support and facilitating investment purposes. I believe the information collected on the day was to be made available. Would you please advise when or how I can access this information as it would be very useful to our Council.
Many thanks