How should stories about value created from open data be shared?


Most open data can be accessed anonymously. Publishers don’t know who uses it and the great work that has been created.

How should stories about value created from open data be shared?


I think interaction between consumers and publishers is key and those involved in Open Data are at a frontier stage in many respects.
As a consumer of Spatial Data, our first challenge has been encouraging change within Government to firstly release these very complex data sets and the next challenge we envisage for both Publishers and Consumers is communicating the value propositions. This is where ODI can help.
Organisations like ODI provide a very important role bridging Consumers and Publishers in that ODI can aggregate the experiences of Consumers and relate those experiences to policy objectives, but to also shape new demand-driven solutions from business and communities.
A good example from Design communities, paralleling the Data community, is the Design Council in the UK, who advocate Good Design, by publishing Design Value Frameworks for the economic and social benefit of good design, and helping Government’s understand how to apply good design with regard to service delivery and urban design.
I’d suggest there’s a great opportunity for ODI to advocate ‘Good Data’ as Open Data becomes better understood.


If morally, all publishers and app creators may like to acknowledge that their creation is made possible using Open Data?

Something similar to “Made in Australia” type, “Made using Open Data in Qld” or “Made using Open Data in Australia” or “Made using global Open Data”