Have your say: What data do you need for your industry or business?


The Queensland Government has asked us to identify high value government data sets in key industry sectors across the State.

Three ways to have your say:


I’d also be interested to know for the high value data you identify, how do you want it published?

  • Would you like an API or bulk downloads over time?
  • What formats make it easy for you to consume the data?
  • What information would help you determine the data is fit for your purpose?

If you can, please add this to your replies :grinning:


The Public Health Research Network (PHRN), which the Queensland Health Data Linkage Unit is part of is also currently running an online survey “… to identify an agreed minimum set of data collections to be consistently included in each of the PHRN nodes data linkage infrastructure in order to support projects conducted at national or multi-jurisdictional levels.”

More information about the project can be found at PHRN - For Researchers

For researchers or policy makers, this is an opportunity to propose a linked, de-identified “Shared Data” evidence base.


Thanks Earl. What a great initiative for the health industry. We will investigate and see whether we can collaborate in some way, or at least get some input for our project. Thanks again for connecting the dots!:relaxed:


That’s a great initiative. In the UK the Open Data User Group outlined what it thought ‘core’ data assets would be for the health sector in its National Information Infrastructure roadmap (annex B): https://data.gov.uk/sites/default/files/library/odugUK_NII_final%20(1).pdf

The data assets themselves might not be similar but it is a useful framing for different kinds of data assets (reference data, performance data, classifications etc)


JSON-LD is probably now the default serialisations.

You must start with https://www.w3.org/TR/vocab-dcat/
and profile it if necessary


Thanks for this feedback @ri1 - we’ll share it with the State government as part of our project. Can you elaborate on the difference this makes to businesses when the data is properly formatted and profiled?

  1. Less maintenance over time (= cost saving to you)
    2 ) Greater opportunity for reuse (=cost saving to someone else)
  2. Improved services (=public benefit)


Thanks for coming everyone. Continue to add your thoughts below. Slides will also be posted below.


Hi everyone,

The slides I used on Friday are here: 201706 High value datasets QLD.pdf (1.5 MB)

Was lovely seeing everyone, we’ll keep you updated as the project progresses.