Files for Masterclass 3



Hi David,

Just wondering what these are for and where they came from. Am I missing something to do with Masterclass 3?

I was searching for the projected population data recently and was unable to locate it so, if it is published as open data the metadata might need some improvement (as well as me possibly getting better at finding it). The reported offences one would be more useful if the metadata for it was more embedded.



Sorry @derek.meggitt, they were the example files that we were working with on a training course delievered by @matthias about combining data - some of the attendees were having issues getting the files via email, so I’d uploaded them here.
I didn’t realise this group was open to everyone or I would have included some context!
And good pick ups - I’d put a few enhancement requests back into the portal on the datasets themsevles for issues that came out of the training.

PS - The Data Masterclass was put on by ODIQ and Telstra in partnership and was excellent, well worth a look for new starters in publishing data. Would recommend =p


Hi @david.z.ainscough, Thanks for the explanation and sorry for tardy response, I don’t think this group is open to everyone. It might be just that @Stephen thinks I’m special :slight_smile: .


Nothing like a good bro-mance! (and sorry for the even tardier response! :slight_smile:)