Do you use Open Data Pathway? Want better stats?


The Open Data Maturity Model helps you assess how well your organisation publishes and consumes open data. Results are recorded in the Open Data Pathway.

I’m working on a project with @gavin.kennedy and Matt Mulholland from QCIF to improve the statistics provided by the Open Data Pathway.

We’re introducing Country-level statistics to allow new types of analysis, including:

  • Your organisation compared to your country
  • Country to country comparisons
  • Country to global comparisons

You can find our more by reviewing and following the links on the Country-level Statistics Trello card on the ODI Labs Public Toolbox Roadmap.

Let us know if you’d find this data helpful or if there are other benchmark reports you’d like to see.


I’m going to pose the pathways and certificates assessment in our next strategy meeting. If there is interest I’ll let you know. I hope there will be but there are some many other priorities.


Performing an Open Data Maturity Assessment does take some effort however adopting Open Data Certificates should be easy. We plan to scan open data portals and automatically award certificates. Then it’s up to you how you display your achievements.