Data Provided under OpenData


Can any body give me a list of what Government Bodies are supplying data/ providing access to their data via the OpenData initiative?

Also, can anyone tell me what type of data is provided under the OpenData initiative?


The easiest list would be
It’s not complete as not all portals feed in, but is a good start.


Hi @CerebralSeemGas

If you are keen for datasets published by each state in Australia. Try this:


For any state, just add first three letters of that state into this url and you will be directed to state’s open data website. For example: (vic for Victoria, qld for Queensland and so on)


Hi @CerebralSeemGas we have put together a reasonably comprehensive list of the Australian data contirbutors known to us here on our website:


Thanks for jumping in there, AB. Good to hear from you again. By the way, if anyone is interested in Open Data in a Day and/or Practical Data Management in your office, we’re repeating these courses on 7 and 8 September.


Hey @CerebralSeemGas

Here is the Digi Map of Open Data portals across the globe: