Data Curator Beta - what do you think?


We’d love to hear your feedback on the Data Curator Beta

Using Data Curator open data creators can:

  • create and edit tabular data from scratch or from a template
  • open data from a CSV or Microsoft Excel file
  • open multiple related data tables from a Data Package
  • automatically correct common problems found in CSV and Excel files

Using data from any of these sources, you can:

  • automatically create a schema that describes the data fields
  • refine the schema to include extra data validation rules
  • save data as a valid CSV file in various CSV dialects

The schema enables you to validate the whole table at once

Version 1.0

Next we plan to add:

  • More table, provenance and data package properties to further describe the data
  • Foreign key validation across CSV files

Once the data is described and validated, you can share the data and its description by exporting a file to:

  • publish on your open data portal
  • use as a template for others to make similar data

Open data consumers can use published Data Packages to:

  • view the data structure and provenance information to help determine if the data is fit for their purpose
  • download the data together with its metadata in a single zip file
  • use a suite of tools to work with the data

Your feedback is important

Read about all the planned features.

We’d love to hear your feedback on what we’ve built so far… reply below :heart_eyes: