Law and Licensing Discussion about the <a href="">Law and Licensing</a> course. This course offers practical guidance for managing risks and maximising reuse of open data.
Tableau Discussion about the <a href="">Tableau Public</a> course. In the course you'll learn data visualisation concepts and use Tableau Public to create your own visualisations and dashboard.
Practical Data Management A thread for discussions and questions about the Practical Data Management training course. You can find slides and other resources from the course here.
Data Master Class Discussion about the ODI Queensland <strong>Data Master Class</strong>. View <a href="">all the topics</a>, read or reply to an existing topic, or create a new one.
Open Data in a Day A thread for discussions and questions about the <a href="">Open Data in a Day</a> training course. You can find slides from the course <a href="">here</a> with links included in the slides to access more resources. The slides reflect a half day, interactive session for newcomers to open data. Sometimes Datopolis: the Open Data Board Game may make an appearance!

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