Law and Licensing Discussion about the <a href="">Law and Licensing</a> course. This course offers practical guidance for managing risks and maximising reuse of open data. Tableau Discussion about the <a href="">Tableau Public</a> course. In the course you'll learn data visualisation concepts and use Tableau Public to create your own visualisations and dashboard. Data Master Class Discussion about the ODI Queensland <strong>Data Master Class</strong>. View <a href="">all the topics</a>, read or reply to an existing topic, or create a new one. Practical Data Management A thread for discussions and questions about the Practical Data Management training course. You can find slides and other resources from the course here. Open Data in a Day A thread for discussions and questions about the <a href="">Open Data in a Day</a> training course. You can find slides from the course <a href="">here</a> with links included in the slides to access more resources. The slides reflect a half day, interactive session for newcomers to open data. Sometimes Datopolis: the Open Data Board Game may make an appearance!
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